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Our Mission

Our Mission is to obey God’s command by effectively presenting the Gospel and truths of Scripture so that people are introduced to Christ, and are equipped to live for Him and serve Him.

We hold four core values that we believe are the primary means through which we will accomplish our mission: Worship, Relationships, Discipleship, and Outreach. There is no way to really separate each of these four core values in practice. They are all dependent on one another and happen together. While a particular event might give greater emphasis to one value, we find that when you find one happening in an authentic way, you find the others present as well.


While each of the values intersect and support the others, the most important is certainly our worship of our sovereign Lord. Individually and corporately, in thought, word, and deed, we want our attention to be drawn to Jesus Christ.


John 13:35 says that the defining characteristic that evidences Jesus Christ in the lives of Christians is the love they exhibit to one another. The body of Christ in our local church exists to one another to love and be loved, serve and be served, know and be known. Our desire in our church is that no one stands alone. We hope in our church you will find not just friendliness, but godly friendships.


Our focus on discipleship begins with each individual seeking to be a disciple. What does this mean? What did Jesus mean when He said “Follow Me?” Throughout the community of Grace Gospel Church, individuals and groups are discovering the practical, everyday applications of the answer to that question.


Matthew 28:19 & 20 is called the Great Commission. It encapsulates Christ’s command to tell everyone we can of the good news of the gospel. We do this around the world through an active missions program, but we work just as hard to do it at work and across the backyard fence as well. People everywhere need to hear about Jesus!